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How to Use Furry Cuffs

furry cuffs

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Ask any kinkster where they get inspiration for creative, erotic scenarios and they’ll tell you imagination goes a long way, but sexy props are also part of the fun. If you’re looking for a prop to spark your sexual imagination, furry handcuffs are a must. They’re beginner-friendly and comfortable, but also provide versatile opportunities for erotic restraint.

This simple sex toy can spice up your life in countless ways. Read our quick guide to get started:

Try this exercise. Once you’ve purchased a pair of fuzzy cuffs from your sex toy boutique, try this: just sit with them for a few minutes, holding them in your hand. Let your imagination wander as you consider how you’d like to use them. What positions would you want to cuff yourself or your partner in? How about being handcuffed to your partner? Look around the room: Is there anything like a bed frame, table leg or pipe that you could attach the handcuffs to?

Once you’ve built those foundations of your fantasies, they’ll start to take shape. Keep them in mind for later.

Practice cuffing and releasing. Make your fantasy come to life as smoothly as possible by practicing how to use your cuffs. Using a wrist-sized object (or your partner), practice attaching the cuffs, then releasing them. Try it with two hands. Then try it one-handed. Practice as much as you need until you’ve got the motion down confidently.

A quick note: Make sure your cuffs have a quick-release function for safety. And since cuffs count as a form of bondage, never leave your partner alone while they’re cuffed!

Playtime. Remember everything you fantasized about in step one? Time to put it into action. It’s best to talk to your partner beforehand about what you’d like to do since you never want to spring cuffs on someone unexpectedly (unless they’ve given you permission to, of course). Divulging your fantasies and learning about your partners is an incredible turn-on, so make the most of that conversation.

Once you’ve incorporated furry handcuffs into your sex life, the possibilities only expand from there. Combine them with sensory toys like blindfolds, ticklers, and paddles for play that’s absolutely gourmet.