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How to Use Ben Wa Balls

ben wa balls

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Ben wa balls, also known as kegel balls, exercise your vaginal muscles to strengthen your pelvic floor for more intense orgasms. Learn how to use ben wa balls and kegel balls with our easy guide.

If you’re curious about a hot trend called kegel exercises, then you may need to pick up a pair of Ben Wa Balls. Kegel balls, or Ben Wa Balls, are used to help strengthen the pelvic muscles and increase your pleasure. After ordering them, you may wonder how to use them. We have other types of sex toys that could expand your creativity in the bedroom with your partner, try nipple clamps, anal beads and more! These tips will help you safely use Ben Wa Balls, so you can enjoy the benefits that they offer.

1. Preparation

Before you just insert the balls blindly, you need to prepare yourself and the balls. First, make sure you wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap. Just like any sex toy, you run the risk of giving yourself a UTI if you insert something that has bacteria on it inside of you.

You’ll also want to wash the Ben Wa Balls with warm water and antibacterial soap. Most toy cleaners that have antibacterial properties should work, too.

Once everything is clean, you’ll want to coat the balls with lube.

2. Insertion

It’s also a good idea to apply some lube to your vaginal opening as well. Once everything is lubed up, you’ll want to lay in a comfortable position. The easiest position for insertion is simply laying back on your back and spreading your legs.

Slowly and gently start to insert one of the balls inside of your vagina. It’s important that you order the right size for your needs. If you order something too large, then you run the risk of feeling discomfort and even tearing yourself. When in doubt, always start small.

The Ben Wa Balls should be connected to one another either with a string or plastic. This allows you to guide the balls inside of you a bit more easily.

Insert the second ball when you’re ready.

You should only insert the balls deep enough to the point that the removal string or plastic tab is still hanging out outside. This allows you to safely remove them.

You’ll want to push the Ben Wa Balls as deeply inside as you are comfortable with. Double-check that the string or plastic tab is still hanging outside.

At this point, you have successfully inserted them inside of you. The goal is to tighten your pelvic muscles and walls around the balls. Keep the area tight, and you can go about your day.

3. Usage

Most Ben Wa Balls are used to help strengthen pelvic walls or for increasing sexual pleasure. For the former, you’ll want to perform kegel exercises with the balls inside. For the latter, sexually experiment away.

Other Tips:

Check with your doctor first. Ben wa balls are safe as long as you don’t have any medical conditions that affect how you use them. Confirm with your doctor that they are right for you.

Prep your ben wa balls for use. Once you’re ready to learn how to use your ben wa balls, wash them with unscented antibacterial soap and lubricate them with your favorite personal lubricant.

Lie on your back, then gently and slowly insert them as far as you’re comfortable. If you’re a beginner just learning how to use ben wa balls, start at the lowest possible weight. Once the ben wa balls are inserted to a comfortable depth, tighten your vaginal muscles. Leave the balls in for up to 6 hours or the length of time recommended by your doctor.

Here’s how to use ben wa balls in one of two ways: exercising your pelvic floor. Simply go about your day with the ben wa balls in place to strengthen your vaginal muscles. You can also do Kegels for added benefit. (If you feel discomfort or pain, remove the ben wa balls. You may need a lighter weight or shorter exercise time.)

Intensify sexual pleasure. You can use your ben wa balls during masturbation or foreplay for more intense sensations.

Remove your ben wa balls. After no more than 6 hours, take out your ben wa balls by gently bearing down and pushing them out, carefully using your fingers and lube if necessary. Wash them again immediately and store them for whenever you’d like to have some fun with them again.

Explore our online collection of ben wa balls and kegel balls, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team with questions. Start browsing our online store for Ben Wa Balls. Enjoy!