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Which is Better for You? Silicon or Non-Silicon Toys?

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Playing Safe

Considering that you’ll be placing sex toys in very vulnerable places, it’s important to know if the material making up the sex toy is safe or not. At Cupid’s Box, we offer high-quality sex toys for both him and her. We want to make sure that everyone is safe while they’re having fun. That’s why it’s important to know whether or not silicon-based toys are safer and better than non-silicon toys.


One of the reasons why silicon-based toys are better than most other products made from jelly or plastic is because they don’t use toxins. In particular, the biggest toxin you have to watch out for when buying sex toys is phthalates. While phthalates are commonly used in everyday products, they’re also made in small quantities that shouldn’t harm an individual.

However, in materials like jelly or plastic for sex toys, phthalates are actually used a lot. This is a problem because you’re inserting the toy into areas that are extremely vulnerable. As a known carcinogen, you should avoid toys that utilize phthalates.

Silicon-based toys do not contain phthalates. They’re toxin-free and safe to use. This makes silicon a better material than other materials like jelly and plastic.

Sensory Concerns

Some people who use sex toys are concerned of the toy having an odor or taste to them. Some sex toys do have a smell to them or a particular taste. Materials like jelly and plastic have both.

Silicon materials, however, do not. They are odorless, tasteless, and because they don’t contain pores, they’re actually easy to clean. Other materials also offer this ease of use and lack of sensory stimulation. They’re glass and metal.

If you want a toy that doesn’t smell or have a taste to it, then you would do well with a silicon-based toy or one made from metal or glass.


When it comes to sex toys, durability is an important feature. Silicon is popular exactly because of its durability. It’s also why they’re more expensive than other materials. They last longer provided that you properly maintain them. Jelly and plastic toys tend to have a shelf life.

Glass and metal sex toys also can last for a long time.

While the price of silicon toys may seem steep, you’re essentially buying it once. The toy should last for a very long time.

Choose Your Material of Choice

Silicon has a few advantages over other materials. It’s safer and healthier to use than jelly and plastic materials. It’s also more durable. While glass and metal share some of the same attributes as silicon, they’re also more expensive. If you want the best price for a long-lasting toy that feels great, choose silicon.