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What Are The Top Five Sex Toys For Couples?

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It Takes Two To Tango

This list of the best sex toys for couples is in no particular order. We made sure to include toys that can be used by couples of all genders and sexual orientations. Pleasure knows no limits, after all.

1. Handcuffs

Call them cliche, call them overhyped, call them a classic, but handcuffs never get old.  Handcuffs are one of the best toys for couples, period. They work great for roleplay and BDSM scenes and are a go-to for vanilla couples who want to start experimenting. 

2. Vibrating Toys

There are so many different kinds of vibrating toys for couples to enjoy that they would take up this entire list if not lumped together.  Many people tend to think they’re designed for solo fun.  But where’s the fun in wearing vibrating panties in public if you don’t have a partner with the remote and mischievous streak?  Even a good ole fashioned vibrator can become a couples toy, especially if used on a partner already wearing number 1 on the list.

3. Penis Sleeves

Also known as C-sleeves, not to be confused with the ones made to extend copper cables. Not only do they work on the real thing (quite well at that) many penis sleeves can be fitted onto dildos too. The extra batteries are worth the extra intense sensation that combo can create.   

4. Anal Plugs

Some couples want to try something new, others see anal pleasure as the ultimate taboo. This is another sex toy that’s fairly misunderstood. At Cupid’s Box, we want to make one thing very clear- we have a very firm stance against anyone hogging all the fun.

5. Sex Games

Is it date night? Sounds like it’s time for a little one on one. Dice, cards, board games…To be honest, you never really outgrew them anyway.  The more humorous games are a great way to break the ice with a new partner or bring any much-needed laughter and playfulness back into the bedroom.  Coupons, vouchers, and scratch-offs make for fun birthday and Valentine’s Day gifts.

Buy Discreet Couples Sex Toys Online

Rather than being a list of things every couple should try once, treat it like a list of things every couple should know about.  We know not everyone has the same comfort levels, and preferences can change over time.  So if you’re ever in the mood for something new and different, shop Cupid’s Box for the right type of couples sex toys for you and your partner.