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Top Rated Lubricants For Going Solo

Top Rated Lubricants For Going Solo

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The pandemic has made it hard to meet someone that you can be intimate with.

That’s why lubricants are a great and safe alternative to satisfy your sensual and intimate needs. However, if you’re not using the best lube for your me-time, then you are seriously missing out.

Read this post for a list of our top-rated lubricants — the safest and most fun to use for your solo sesh and even in the shower.


The ID Glide Natural Feel water-based lubricant is designed to improve sexual satisfaction and intimacy. 

While it’s mostly designed with couples in mind (and is compatible with a condom), you can still make use of it while playing solo. It can also be used with sex toys. 

Marketed as one of the most organic-feeling lubricants on the market, ID Glide Natural Feel is an excellent choice.


The ID Silk Natural Feel lubricant is perfect for anyone that wants to enjoy the ease of use of water-based lube and the slickness of silicone-based lube.

If you want to solo play in your shower, then this slippery smooth lubricant is a great option. This lube is known for its natural feeling and great consistency and is also non-staining so you can freely use this with a toy.

The lubricant also has hygroscopic properties which simply means that this can retain an amazing amount of moisture.


Belonging to a line of lubricants that are cruelty-free, Wicked Sensual Care Simply Aqua is best for individuals who like going solo guilt-free. This lubricant is water-based and Paraben free which means that you can simply rinse this off with water.

No matter how you use Wicked Sensual Care Simply Aqua, you will never have to worry about cleaning up or the animals that it may have harmed.


This fragrance-free lubricant is a silicone-based lubricant that can also be used as a skin conditioner and a tattoo brightener. It’s available in 3 formulas.

Because it is silicone-based, the JO All-In-One lasts very long compared to its water-based counterparts.

If you are planning to go solo in the shower or your bedroom for long periods, then you may want to consider JO All-In-One for your solo needs.


Last but not least is the Ultra Stim On Insane Cherry Pop.

This hybrid-based lubricant lasts long and hydrates your skin. If you like your lubricants to contain no menthol, glycerin, or paraben, then you should opt for this product.

It can be used with a toy, a partner, or for going solo. Either way, you will be guaranteed to enjoy the best sensation that will lead you to a satisfying climax.

Get Your Lubricants Fast and Discreetly

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