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The Top Sex Toys For Foreplay

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Foreplay is finally getting the spotlight it deserves, and as we pay more attention to it, so do sex toy manufacturers. There’s now a wide variety of toys, games, and erotic accessories to appeal to each and every one of our fantasies. Foreplay can take on many forms, from massage and erotic touch to tickling, kissing, and role play, there are products for all of us, no matter our preference. As a top adult toy shop we want to help you find the best toy for you!

Sex Games That Can Get Things Started

One popular and relatively new product genre is the erotic dice game, whose steps and actions can vary wildly but whose objective is always the same. These are similar to other erotic games like this strip card game or this oral sex card game, which offers fifty different creative ideas for oral sex variations and foreplay acts. Sex games can be a fun and exciting way to get both you and your partner in the mood!

Accessories for Kinks and Setting the Mood 

If sex games aren’t your thing, maybe role play, bondage accessories or edible lubricants can get you headed in the right direction. Bed straps and restraints like these are the perfect set up to tease your partner with feather ticklers or explore other fetishes with whips and floggers

Complete kits are available for couples looking to explore this side of foreplay for the first time.

Edible lubricant is another perfect accompaniment for wrist and ankle restraints that’ll help you and your partner explore each other’s bodies in a way that you’ll both enjoy. 

Other fun foreplay activities can include sensual massage, and massage oils, lotions, and gels create an intimate setting and offer aromatherapy benefits to help both you and your partner relax and unwind. Light some candles and put on some music, sip a little wine, and enjoy each other’s company to get you both ready for stimulation.

Sex Toys 

Don’t let the fun stop there; foreplay can last as long as you want it to. Try out Ben Wa balls or vibrators like these to intensify and enhance the female orgasm. If vibrators are something you and your partner are already comfortable with, you can switch it up with oral or anal vibrators, or vibrating panties and thongs to keep things fresh. 

No matter what you’re in the mood for, these products and the professionals who sell them at Cupid’s Box can help you find the best adult sex toys. You can discreetly shop all of the products mentioned by visiting cupidsbox.com, where the in-depth and professional product descriptions will help you navigate the wonderful world of foreplay!