Sex Toys – A Brief History

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Many men and women have some kind of experience with the sex toy industry. Whether it be dildos, vibrators, or whatever else you may be into, the possibilities are nearly infinite. But have you ever wondered what they were like before the ones you and I know today?

Early dildos were originally made out of stone, wood, bone, metals, and many other various materials- some of which called for a LOT of lube, which at the time was regular olive oil. There is still debate over whether they were intended for religious rituals or for good old personal pleasure. I’m going to say it’s the latter of the two. The word “dildo” actually comes from the Italian word “diletto” which means Delight.

Originally called “olisbos,” Greek men would give them to their wives as a sort of fill in while their husbands went off to war. They believed the women suffered “hysteria” due to a lack of sperm. Greeks were the first to use leather and animal intestines as a cover for dildos to add texture and to create a more natural feeling phallus.

Hysteria was only one female problem that dildos were a solution for. Depression, fatigue, headaches, and irritability could all be cured by orgasm. Male doctors would eventually be treating their female patients with these illnesses, in the office, with dildos and early vibrators.

Since we’re talking about vibrators, lets talk about the very first one known. This lovely invention was first created by Cleopatra, made from carved and hollowed out gourds which were then filled with angry bees. I’m not sure if this is better or worse than the late 1800’s version which was like a small, steam driven locomotive type machine. The 1900’s brought the first real electric dildo/vibrator. It became the 5th electric home appliance, right after the toaster, fan, sewing machine, and tea kettle.

As technology changed over the years, so did the sex toy industry. The use of silicone and glass were finally introduced. Silicone is great for many great reasons, other than feeling MUCH better than a hollowed out gourd- Which, of course, I can only assume. They are also hypoallergenic, it feels natural, and it does not degrade with water based lubes. Glass is nice for all of those reasons and then some. I hear a lot of people say they’re afraid to use a glass dildo or that they’re skeptical. But they’re so versatile. Glass is strong and durable, it’s nonporous so cleaning up is simple, and the best part is that you can microwave it to heat things up or even freeze it when you’re feeling particularly hot.

Alright, now that you’ve got some history, let’s talk about what this all means for us today. Even as you read this, the popularity of sex toys and accessories is growing larger and larger. Sexuality has become more widely acceptable as more men and women all over the world are exploring their curiosity. Products have expanded now to suit everyone, no matter what your taste may be. And now technology allows us to explore without ever leaving the comfort of our homes, by browsing websites like Cupid’s Box.

So go take a look around. We’ve got a little something for everyone and I bet you’ll find something you REALLY like!

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