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Vnew Weighted Kegel Toner Level 1 Silicone Ball Pink 1 Ounce


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The first in a line-up of luxurious kegel toning tools, the Level 1 VNew combines a deliciously velvety silicone shape with manageable, beginner-friendly weightiness. Providing natural pelvic-floor strengthening benefits plus ultra pleasurable movement-activated stimulation, the single 30g (1oz) silicone sphere offers a perfect starting-point to kegel practice.

Supple and ultra silky, the Level 1 inserts smoothly (a little water based lube can help with placement) and nestles effortlessly against inner sweet spots once in place. Along with stimulating the PC muscles, causing a flex reaction that results in a strengthening effect over time, the VNew blissfully targets nerve-ending rich areas of the vaginal canal as free-form weights within roll, bounce and jiggle along with movement.

Historically, ben wa balls have held a place, both sexually and in health-related scenarios ranging from Japanese courtesans to more modern gynecological and obstetrical practices. These days, this type of tool is used most often for vaginal strengthening and to increase sexual awareness. The weight helps tone muscles in the pelvic floor responsible for sexual pleasure, continence and stronger orgasm while keeping the vaginal walls snug, elastic and more responsive to stimulation.

Made of a seamless, high end, hypoallergenic, incomparably hygienic silicone that’s a breeze to clean and sterilize, the VNew set is completely odor and taste free, ideal for even the most sensitive areas. The touch of silicone against the skin is truly matchless, it’s plush and forgiving in terms of flexibility, but proves delightfully precise once positioned. Silicone warms quickly and accurately to match body temperature with touch and play, adding yet another layer of pleasure to the experience, plus, it can be heated or cooled more dramatically prior to play, if desired. Always choose a great quality water based lubricant to enjoy in combination with this and any silicone toy, silicone lubricants should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and products.

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