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Strict Locking Heart Collar – Black


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Gift your partner with this elegant leather Locking Heart Collar! Perfect for showing off your ownership to others in the scene, or to add a subtle dungeon energy to your outfits when you go out on the town.

Made with weighty and plush PU Leather for a satisfying yet comfortable feel on your neck. This locking collar is the perfect mental and physical representation of your relationship with your Dom or sub!

Key Features:

  • An Elegant Symbol of Ownership: This heart shaped locking collar is the perfect gift to display your ownership over your sub; subtle enough to be worn in public
  • Adjustable and Lockable: Customize the fit to be snug or loose on their neck to match your outfit and lock this collar until your sub earns their freedom
  • Weighty and Satisfying: Crafted with a soft yet durable PU leather for comfort, with just the right amount of weight for your sub to feel your protection
  • Two Heart Shaped Keys Included: Keep a key on your person and another in a safe location for emergencies; small and compact so they can fit on your choice of necklace
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