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Sex And Mischief Enchanted Kit

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Sex & Mischief Enchanted Kit – Adjustable Handcuffs, Velvet Blindfold & Restraints

When you want to spice up the bedroom, you shouldn’t have to choose between erotic play and taste. The perfect kind of spice blends the two. That’s exactly what this Sex and Mischief Enchanted Kit provides. Marrying erotic play and class, the kit provides two must-have pieces of equipment to introduce elements of BDSM into your bedroom.

Perhaps you watched a particular movie or read a certain book that has ensnared your fantasies. The idea of being tied or restrained is something you’ve been wanting to experience. The Sex and Mischief Enchanted Kit can get you started. It offers a pair of adjustable handcuffs that can be made to fit either snugly or just loose enough for your comfort. The handcuffs are made from a soft but sturdy material that can ensure you’re comfortable but also properly restrained. They also have a stud closure and a single clasp connection for easy use.

Besides just handcuffs, the Sex and Mischief Enchanted Kit also offers a blindfold. This blindfold is large enough to fit most individuals. Its texture suggests velvet rests comfortably against your head. The elastic strip ensures that you can fit it over your head with ease.

Limiting your senses can heighten others. Couple this with being restrained, and you’re sure to have an incredible experience for your first venture into BDSM. The Sex and Mischief Enchanted Kit is a great choice for beginners looking to have their first taste of bondage play and sensory disablement. Enhance your play today.

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