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Pure Instinct Natural Sex Attractant Pheromone Cologne


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Pure Instinct Sex Attract Cologne

Man or Woman Pure Instinct is a gender-friendly fragrance formulated with a generous amount of human pheromones to stimulate your Sex Appeal.

What Are Pheromones
Human pheromones are natural chemical “scents” men and women produce that attract the opposite sex. We tend to be aroused by and less inhibited around members of the opposite sex who secrete an abundance of sex chemicals.

Do Pheromones Actually Work

Yes, there are many scientific studies indicating the effectiveness of pheromones in attracting the opposite sex. They will not “drive” the opposite sex madly into your arms. They will however help “break the ice”. They also tend to rejuvenate some of the passion lost in long-term relationships and lead to more intense and animalistic sex.

How Do I Use Pure Instinct
Pure Instinct is for external use only. One or two drops or should be applied to the wrists and behind the ears.

How Long Will Pure Instinct Last
Pure Instinct usually lasts about 4-6 hours.

Wear daily as you would any fragrance.
For a special treat, add to bath water!

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