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Enjoy rumbling massage that follows your every curve with the Affordable Rechargeable moove, a soft True Silicone® massager with a bulbous head and bendable neck for firm, yet flexible pleasure. Powered by deep, rumbling Vooom® vibration, moove’s rounded head can swirl, zigzag, and stretch side-to-side and follow your lead with ease thanks to a small spring inside. This perfect amount of bendability ensures comfortable vibration pressure everywhere moove massages while expertly dispersing rumbly vibes from every angle. With its motor positioned within its head, moove delivers Screaming O’s most powerful vibration technology to date!

– Rechargeable massager (USB included) with a flexible neck
– Deep, rumbling Vooom® vibration
– 20 powerful vibration & pulsation functions
– 100% waterproof + 60-minute run time
– Made of lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone®

Weight 164 g
Dimensions 105 x 51 x 210 mm

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