Fleshjack Boy From Milan Christopher King

One complaint that many men cite when using fleshlights is an unrealistic feeling. Pleasure is enhanced when the sensations invoked feel real. That’s where the Fleshjack Boy created by Milan Christopher stands apart from the others. This gold-laced fleshlight is a king and for good reason. It offers a realistic sensation each time you use it.

The secret is in the carefully designed interior of the fleshlight. Although the experience doesn’t begin there. It actually starts right outside. Surrounding the hole, you’ll find swirling ridges that provide texture as you push into the fleshlight. The ridges kiss the sensitive nerves of your skin and provide a thrilling delight from the start. That’s all without physically entering the toy, too.

Once you push in, however, you’ll love the series of bumps and folds that exist within the Fleshjack Boy. Each fold is carefully patterned and designed to offer the tightest squeeze and the most realistic experience that you can find. It even offers pleasure nodes that can delight the sensitive nerves found along your entire length.

This texture is known as the King texture in the Milan Christopher line of masturbators. You’re sure to feel like a spoiled king once you’re done using it. The Fleshjack Boy comes in the color of flesh to further promote that sense of realism.

The moment that you enter the Fleshjack Boy, you’re likely never going to want to stop using it. Durable and easy to grip, it can take soft motions as well as a rough ride. You won’t have to worry about breaking this fleshlight due to your passionate movements.

It’s also easy to clean. Despite the Fleshjack Boy being tight, you can easily slip water within the hole to clean it out properly. Some even place it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean. Simply using toy cleaner and a cloth should suffice to clean the Fleshjack Boy from Milan Christopher. You can also use warm water and soap to clean the large and bold anal masturbator.

Designed to offer the most realistic anal experience you can have outside of the real thing, the Fleshjack Boy is sure to be your favorite fleshlight. Whether you use it alone or with a partner, it can fill your hours with cresting pleasure that you won’t want to stop feeling again and again.

Milan Christopher is renowned for making high-quality, realistic, and intensely pleasuring toys. The Fleshjack Boy is one of his greatest creations. Carefully designed and crafted by Milan, himself, the Fleshjack Boy can provide you with countless hours of satisfying pleasure. If you love anal or want to try anal for the first time, then this is the masturbator for you.

From the ribbed and tight opening at the very start to the textured interior, you’re going to have a deeply satisfying experience with every thrust. Try the Fleshjack Boy from Milan Christopher with its King edition today. The texture and tight squeeze throughout the fleshlight will define your next great masturbatory experience.

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