Edible Body Paints Kit 4 Assorted Colors And Flavors


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Spice Up The Bedroom With Edible Body Paints

Erotic Playtime just got a lot “Sweeter” with the Edible Body Play Paints! These delicious tasting Edible Body Paints are fun to play with and let you really say what’s on your mind.

A Brush & Stencil kit(included) make playtime even more fun!

4 DELICIOUS FLAVORS: Passion Fruit, Cherry, Pina Colada, Strawberry

edible body paint kit

Get Creative Bedroom With Edible Body Paints

If you’re looking for something sinfully sweet for the bedroom, trying out the best edible body paint is an exciting option.

For those who want to get creative, our edible body paint kit lets you and your partner go wild with the playful variety of edible body paint colors. Inclusive of a brush and stencil kit, an edible body paint kit can unleash the artist in you and turn your partner — or yourself! — into a colorful canvas. The best thing about edible body paint is that you can have a taste of your own picture-perfect creation!

More than just eye candy, our online edible body paint for sale allows you and your partner to indulge your sweet tooth,  You can use edible body paints to mark those sweetly sensitive zones that need some attention or just to have creative fun. Or, you can use edible body paints to stencil in a message.

Savor your playtime with our online edible body paint for sale, which comes in four flavors:

  •       Passion fruit
  •       Cherry
  •       Piña colada
  •       Strawberry

You don’t need to be an artist to bring color to the bedroom. With edible body paints, you can spice up your next romantic tryst with more than just the ravishing shade of red.

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