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Cocksheath Adjustfit Insert 3pk – Clear


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3-pack inserts for cocksheath extenders…customizes fit for you.*OXBALLS makes cocksheaths that custom fit everyone*We include one with every sheath, add up to 3 more ADJUSTfits*Made of clear, discrete Flextpr™, they “disappear” and feel just like your shaft*Each insert shortens the inside shaft about 7/8”*Shaped to snugly fit and form togetherINFORMATION:OXBALLS makes the best cocksheaths, big ones, long ones, thick, new skinny-thin sheaths…all designed to fit right and stay on. All our sheaths are built on our original cocksling base to they fit you no matter how hard you play.We include with every cocksheath a bullet shape insert to adjust the inside-shaft length for the best fit for you.ADJUSTfit 3-pack is three more inserts for more exact fit choices—any size guy can feel our sheaths custom fit to their size…add as many as you want making the sheath feel like it is part of you, feel firm from the base of your shaft to the tip of the sheath.The clear rubbery inserts “disappear” inside the sheath for a discrete look…they keep the cocksheath firm even when you aren’t as firm so you can keep playing hard.

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