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Bathmate Hydromax3 in Aqua Blue

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Bathmate Hydromax3 in Aqua Blue

For men who want a longer penis, the go-to method has been pumps. Using pressure, pumps have been able to help length and widen penises. It essentially stretches the penis more and more as the pump is used. While most penis pumps have been air-based, the Bathmate Hydromax3 takes penis extending to a far more comfortable place–the bathtub.

Using water, the pump fills with the pressure provided by the presence of water. Once you insert your penis into the pump, the water and pressure slowly lengthen your penis and adds girth, too. It’s easier than ever to use a penis pump with the Bathmate Hydromax3.

Considering that the pump can sometimes be quite pleasurable to use, too, you can have your fun while lengthening your cock. The pressure and suction can create a tight fit that you might find addictive. Extending and lengthening your penis has never been more enjoyable.

When you need to release the pressure, you simply turn the switch on top of the Hydromax3 to release the water and pressure. It’s also easy to clean should you end up releasing inside of the pump. You can wash it off right there in the bath with you or place it in the dishwasher.

In particular, the Bathmate Hyrdromax3 is geared towards men who possess a micropenis. This is a penis length considered to be one inch to three inches. If you have a micropenis, then you can start extending your length and girth today with the Hydromax3. Make your bath time a lot more fun and productive with this waterproof and water-powered penis pump.

Pump up your penis, your stamina, and endurance today.

– Proven, long-lasting improvements for penis length and girth.
– Better erections and sexual stamina.
– 92% of users completely satisfied.
– Fits sizes 1 – 3 in.
– Certified Skin-safe
– Super-flow Latch Valve

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