Mystic Mango Afterglow Massage Candle

There’s nothing quite like setting the mood for romance than with a scented candle. Switch off the lights and let the warm glow of the Afterglow Massage Candle set the mood. Whether you want to light it before you start to play or after to relax, the scented candle is there to support the atmosphere that you’re trying to invoke. This candle contains a heady aroma of mango, Bergamot, Mandarin blossoms, Hawaiian palm, and fresh spice to entice the nose and the mind. It’s powerful but not overbearing. More than anything, it helps relax the mind, so you can focus on the pleasures ahead.

Besides providing a warm light for scene-setting, the Afterglow Massage candle also provides another service. Because it’s made with a soy-based formula, it can be used as a massage oil. All you need to do is light the candle and let it melt within the delicate and elegant porcelain holder. The soy will melt to around body temperature. Then you simply pour or dip the melted oil along the skin for a luxurious massage.

The candle is made up of the following natural ingredients: Jojoba, shea butter, Vitamin E, aloe, soybean oil, palmarosa oil, and Vitamin E fragrance. These natural ingredients can nourish the skin and relax the muscles. You and your partner are sure to feel closer and more open with another for the enjoyable experience that’s yet to come. Or simply indulge in tender aftercare once you’ve finished playing with a soothing skin massage.

Dimensions of the Afterglow Massage Candle:

Width: 2.6 in.
Height: 2.5 in.
Depth: 2.6 in.

Package Depth: 3.5 in.
Package Width: 3.5 in.
Package Height: 3.75 in.

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