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Feather Ticklers

Tease them, right before you please them! At Cupid’s Box we believe foreplay is the most important step en route to sexual pleasure. A solid start will help you push through the finish line with explosiveness. Feather Ticklers are an affordable way to get the foreplay train rolling. Just grab the handle and gently glide the feathers across your partner’s sensitive body parts. A sensual tickle can turn your partner from being nervous to totally open and comfortable.

Get Teased & Tickled with Feather Ticklers

Feathers are great for anybody who loves to be teased and tickled! Erotic pleasure comes in many forms, some love being sensually caressed while others love a good hard spanking. Some love both, but in the end we all strive for that ultimate orgasm. So whether you prefer the soft teasing touch of a feather tickler or the firm slap of a Sex Paddle, we have excellent products for you. As a leader in the adult toys industry we offer a variety of toys for everyone. Have fun with some feather ticklers with your partner!