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Most lovers know that if you ever want to offer a woman pleasure, clitoral stimulation is key. It’s laced with a ton of sensors and nerves that make touch there an extremely pleasurable situation. For women who like to push their pleasure to new limits, one toy that you might want to introduce to the bedroom is a clitoral clamp. As its name might suggest, the clitoral clamp attaches to the clitoris. It applies just enough pressure for them to be driven crazy by it. Careful stimulation of the clit may be necessary before applying the clamp in order to attach it correctly.

There are a few different options when it comes to clitoral clamps. Many of them come with nipple clamps attached to them. Because nipples are sensitive like clits, combining the clamping experience can make your woman utterly weak with desire and arousal. Carefully tugging on the clamps or chain can also make them whimper with need.

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However, you don’t need the attached nipple clamps to give them a thrill. You can either use a clitoral clamp on its own or simply choose not to use the nipple clamps that are attached to the chain. The real challenge comes with electro-stimulation. Applying a shock to the clit can be the most pleasurable experience that a woman ever experiences provided that she enjoys a bite of pain.

One shock to their clit can have them aching for more. Their senses will be driven into overdrive, and they’ll be extremely sensitive to any kind of touch. A clamp that offers this electric shock is the perfect choice for women who need just a bit more.