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Has your lover ever expressed a desire to be restrained to the bed? Then you can make that fantasy a reality with bed straps and bed strap sheets. Restraining your partner has never been easier. There are two main ways to go about retraining your partner in bed. The first is to use bed straps. These can attach to certain areas of the bed, and then are attached to your lover. No matter how much they struggle, they won’t be able to break free from their restraints. This is likely exactly what they want.

Bed straps can be made of various materials. Sometimes they’re soft like silk. For those who want heavy-duty straps, you might want to choose those that are made from leather. They’re still comfortable against the skin, but they also offer a lot of durability and are not easily broken.

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Another way to restrain your lover is with bed straps sheets. These are actual bed sheets that come with straps. Sometimes attaching straps to the bed can become a hassle. It may even take enough time that the mood has shifted by the time you’re finished. Bed strap sheets can remain a part of the bed for easy use whenever the mood arises.

They can also be tucked away when you’re having guests over. All you need to do is take the actual cuffs and insert them through the strap. Your lover is properly restrained and at your mercy. When you’re done playing, you simply remove the cuffs and store them in a nightstand or chest nearby. The strap sheets themselves are innocent looking and won’t reveal the naughty secret hiding within.