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One way to delight your man is to use a ball stretcher. Provided that your partner loves to torture themselves or add in pain to their pleasure, they would likely love to play with a ball stretcher. This toy essentially fits around their balls and slowly stretches it over time. The scrotum can be an extremely sensitive place, especially as the man starts to become more aroused.

You can further their pleasure by playing with a ball stretcher. Whether you want to use it to punish or reward, your partner is sure to love using it. When looking for a ball stretcher, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. The first is the material. Because you’re stretching something, you’re exerting a lot of pressure on the material. If it can’t withstand that pressure, then the toy will eventually wear down and break. Excellent ball stretchers are made of a stretchable and durable material like silicone.

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Another key thing to keep an eye on is the size. The last thing you want is to buy a toy only to find that it won’t fit properly. You need a ball stretcher that is designed to fit all. It can be easily adjusted to fit the balls no matter what size they are. As the balls stretched, you’ll likely need to adjust the stretcher, anyway, so it’s a good idea to find that one is able to be customized in terms of size.

Finally, a ball stretcher should be waterproof. Not only does this allow it to be used in the bathtub or hot tub, but it can also be washed easily with soapy, warm, water.

Ball Stretcher Sex Toys

When looking for the best ball stretcher to tease your man with or just to stretch your balls, then you need to consider the products at Cupid’s Box. What makes a ball stretcher the best ball stretcher possible? A few different aspects go into it.

The ball stretcher should be made with sensitivity in mind. The Boneyard Silicone Ball Stretcher, for example, is made of a soft silicone material. It won’t irritate the skin even while it’s stretching the balls. Silicone also makes it easy to clean if the ball stretcher happens to get dirty.

Another aspect that makes the best ball stretcher is its durability. Again, the Boneyard Silicone Ball Stretcher offers fantastic durability because of its stretchable silicone material. You can stretch the toy any way you desire, and it should still offer a tight squeeze each time you use it. It will also degrade significantly less than other types of material.

One last aspect that makes for the best ball stretcher is its ability to fit numerous sizes. No matter what your size is, the Boneyard Silicone Ball Stretcher can fit you. It has three different sizing options that can then be further stretched to fit around your balls.

If your man loves to be teased and dominated, then a ball stretcher is one of the best toys that you can bring into the bedroom. They’ll experience a unique kind of pleasure while enjoying how stretched their balls have become. Consider these aspects when selecting a stretcher or browse our entire sex toys online.