Is Blue Balls a Real Thing?

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Maybe it’s a quickie before the kids come home. Sex in the car after (or before) a date because you can’t keep your hands off each other. There’s always the morning glory, afternoon delight, or the midnight rendezvous. It really doesn’t matter, you mostly want to feel good and climax. All of the sudden, in the midst of this hot love making sesh, the kids wake up, burst through the door, a police officer taps on the window, the doorbell rings, or your mother in law is blowing up your phone while you’re moments away from orgasm. The interruption distracts both of you as you inadvertently verbalize your readiness to cum and then….wah wah wah!!! The orgasm is an epic fail leaving both of you hot and bothered, ripped away from sexual bliss, and thrust back into reality. Now you’re both panicking to get dressed, sexually frustrated and not knowing when you’re going to get relief. On top of it, he begins to whine about the pain and soreness “down there” and how “it needs to come out!”

This, my friends, is what is called “Blue Balls!”

Blue balls is a modern-day lexicon known as epididymal hypertension (EH), in fact, a real medical condition. It occurs when an erection occurs and a build-up of blood remains in the testicles due to continued arousal without ejaculation. The blood rushes to the testicles causing the vessels to constrict. Upon ejaculation, those blood vessels return to their normal resting state. When there is no ejaculation, the buildup causes mild aching, pain, and heaviness at the base of the penis and in the scrotum. Some men report the pain being mostly mild and sensitive in nature. But don’t worry, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel, the survival rate so far is 100% so all you men can rest easy. More good news on top of that, there is no irreversible damage and no reported long term effects to the genitals or sperm count. Once the erection subsides so too will the pain. As for the “Blue” in the term “blue balls,” it is explained by lack of oxygen and increased blood flow which could result in a very light blueish tint to the scrotum, however, there is no medical evidence substantiating this finding in any type of medical journal. But guys if your balls are turning blue like the berry, you need not worry about orgasm and worry about a ride to the closest emergency room STAT.

And to all you penis owners, lest we forget about our vagina owners out there too. Just because women do not have balls does not mean they don’t get backed up, and blue, and need releasing too. Just as men experience discomfort from the blood remaining in the testicles because they don’t orgasm, women too experience discomfort similar to “blue balls” called vasocongestion. When a woman is aroused it is said that her G-Spot which is made of erectile tissue swells up from the size of a pea (in a non-aroused state) to the size of a coin (in an aroused state). Additionally, women also experience swelling and mild contraction of the clitoris, labia and pelvis. So, without having an orgasm, she will often feel aching and discomfort in her genitals. Some women reported having a feeling of fullness and mild menstrual-like cramping. However, much akin to men, once the arousal subsides, so too will the discomfort.

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