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Introducing Anal Toys in the Bedroom

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Anal is an activity that only the bravest and most adventurous couples explore. It requires a great deal of patience and preparation. For couples who are thinking of introducing anal toys into the bedroom, here a few tips to consider.

  1. Lubrication

Even if one uses sex toys in the bedroom, they’re going to need lubrication. There are plenty of lubricants from which to choose. One that is long-lasting is a great choice. Due to discomfort, lubricants that either warm or cool an area is something to avoid.

Throughout the play, it would be wise to apply more lubricant to the toy.

  1. Cleaning Routine

It’s also a good idea to discuss a cleaning routine of the anal toys. One should clean one’s toys after they’re used no matter how they’re used. Couples should check the cleaning instructions on the specific toy. If cleaned the wrong way, the toy might degrade or even melt.

  1. Frank Conversation

For those who are unsure how to approach their partner about introducing anal toys to the bedroom, it begins with an open and frank conversation. Partners should be open about trying new things but coercing or manipulating them shouldn’t occur. Consent is vital.

One suggestion may be to voice one’s desire to try new things. One can frame it in such a way of exploring new and exciting pleasures with their partner. Voicing one’s desires can sometimes be vulnerable. It’s easy to shy away from the conversation. However, unless one voices exactly what one wants, then one’s partner may never get the clue.

The great thing about anal is that one can stop it at any point. If a partner finds that the experience isn’t as enjoyable as they thought it would be, they can remove the toy. Establishing a safe word is vital for introducing anal toys into the bedroom.

  1. Stay Relaxed

When using anal toys, it’s also vital that everyone remains relaxed. Nerves are almost guaranteed, but if they remain, the partner could become too tight and not enjoy the toy. To help relax them, one might want to consider using other toys. A massager can bring them to orgasm initially. This can then relax their body and make them more prepared for the anal toys.

  1. Start Small

One last tip for introducing anal toys into the bedroom is to start with small ones. Anal beads are a great way to introduce that sort of play into the bedroom. They gradually become bigger in size. Experiment with a few different and shapes gradually to see if everyone enjoys it.

Anal can be a lot of fun. Following these tips can introduce it into the bedroom in a safe, consensual, way.