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Interested in Trying Anal? These Toys Are Essential

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Anal sex is an especially hot, intimate and intense experience — and having the right toys on hand is essential for your first time. If you’re ready to try anal sex with your partner, you’ll need these four toys to make your experience safe, comfortable and incredibly pleasurable:

Warm-Up Butt Plug or Trainer Set

It’s best to start slowly with anal sex. Smaller toys help the receiving partner adjust to the feeling of anal penetration; they also “warm up” the anus and rectum for a penis or full-size toy.

Anal training kits for first-timers are a great option for getting used to anal penetration. The plugs in these kits come in gradually-increasing sizes so the receiving partner can go at their own pace.

Once the receiving partner is comfortable with butt plug play, and you’ve worked up to full penetration, always keep a warm-up butt plug on hand that’s a little smaller than the dildo or penis they’ll be penetrated with. Use your warm-up toy right before sex so the receiving partner is turned on, comfortable and ready for more.

Strap-On and Dildo 

If the penetrating partner doesn’t have a penis of their own, it’s no trouble: store-bought is fine. A strap-on is a great way to have anal sex with a receptive partner in a way that’s intimate, dominant and hot.

Even if the penetrating partner doesn’t need a strap-on, having a dildo on hand makes for longer-lasting and more exciting play. Switch out for a dildo whenever the giving partner needs a break. These versatile toys come in different shapes and textures, materials, sensation, vibrations, too, so that you can add endless variations to your anal play sessions.

Toys for Clitoral, G-Spot or P-Spot Stimulation

Anal sex is intensely pleasurable on its own, and adding more stimulation makes it positively mind-blowing. 

Genital stimulation before and during anal sex helps relax the anal sphincters and makes it easier to receive penetration. The receiving partner can use their favorite clitoral vibrator, masturbation sleeve or other toy to get and stay turned on.

Anal sex also indirectly stimulates the G-spot, part of what makes it so pleasurable. For even more intense G-spot stimulation, the receiving partner can lay on their back during anal sex and use a G-spot dildo or vibrator on themselves.

Finally, people with prostates can experience amazing P-spot stimulation from anal sex. Anal sex already puts pleasurable pressure on the P-spot, but the penetrating partner can target that spot for more intense orgasms with a dildo or vibrator attachment designed specifically for P-spot play.

Don’t Forget: Anal Douche and Anal Lube

While not toys per se, anal douches and lube help make anal play even more enjoyable.

Of the two, only anal lube is absolutely necessary. Since the delicate tissues of the anus and rectum don’t produce any natural lubrication, it’s crucial that you keep anal lube on hand during sex. Use a water-based or silicone-based lube specifically formulated for anal; it will have a thick, gel-like consistency. (Only use water-based lube on silicone toys.) Lube up your plug, dildo or penis before penetration, and use a generous amount.

While anal douches aren’t 100% required for anal sex, they can help the receiving partner feel more comfortable and confident by flushing out the rectum before play. Douching should always be done according to the instructions a few hours before play, and never more than twice a month.

Ready to Explore?

Your first anal sex experiences — and toys — are only the beginning of a lifelong exploration. See what’s in store by browsing our entire collection of anal toys, strap-ons and lube, and find your new favorite essential toys to add to your collection.