How to Use Dildos & Dongs

how to use dildos and dongs

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Simple yet versatile, dildos and dongs are great toys for beginners and seasoned toy enthusiasts alike. Whether you want to buy an unintimidating first sex toy or add even more variety to your pleasure chest, dildos and dongs can’t be beat for their ease of use and variety.

Learn the basics of how to choose and use dildos and dongs with our guide below:

Find the toy that suits your preferences. Since there’s such a wide variety of dildos and dongs available, you’ll have an easier time finding one if you consider what you like in a toy first, then find the toy that most closely matches it:

Girth: Most people with vaginas tend to buy an average-sized dildo, but if you like extra fullness, there are plenty of girthy dildos on the market.

Hardness: Silicone is the softest and most lifelike. If you prefer harder pressure, consider a stainless steel or borosilicate glass dildo.

Realism: Dildos and dongs range from lifelike penis replicas to sleek, colorful phalluses to even more fantastical shapes.

Versatility: Some dildos come with extras like suction cup attachments for even more fun. You can also use them with strap-ons for partner sex.

Learn how to use your dildo solo. Introduce your new dildo or dong into however you usually masturbate. Get relaxed and aroused, then start experimenting with how to use your dildo for maximum pleasure, using lube if needed. First, test out different speeds and depths of thrust, then try rocking back and forth (especially if you have a suction cup dildo) or specifically stimulating your g-spot.  Don’t forget to try different positions!

Learn how to use your dildo or dong with a partner. Deep, satisfying double penetration is a fantasy you can make real with a single partner when you have a dildo or dong handy. Or, have your partner stimulate you externally while you penetrate yourself with your dildo or dong for even more pleasurable combinations.

Once you know how to use a dildo, you’ll have an entire collection before you know it. Explore our site to start shopping for dildos and dongs!