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How to Use an Anal Plug

butt plugs

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Anal plugs might seem intimidating, but learning how to use them is easy. Start with the right size and shape, then learn what your body loves! Let’s start at the beginning:

  • Choose the right size and shape. If you’re new to anal plugs, start (very) small and work your way up. A tapered end will make insertion even easier for beginners. And always use a toy with a flared base for safety!
  • Use a lot of lube (and we mean a lot). The right amount of lube for a butt plug is “a little too much.” Lube is crucial to your pleasure and safety! Lube up your toy and your anus with your fingers before using it.
  • Make a slow introduction. Slow, careful insertion is the key to how to use a new anal plug for the first time. Get nice and relaxed with your new toy and favorite bottle of lube, and slowwwly insert the plug without forcing.
  • Go deeper. You’ll know you’re ready to play when you feel your body pulling the plug in instead of resisting. Enjoy some solo time with your hands, your favorite vibrator or your new toy all on its own.
  • Heat things up. Once you know how you like to use your anal plug solo, get a partner in on the fun if you want. Anal plugs made an amazing addition to penetrative sex, oral sex, vibrator play, kinky activities…the list goes on. Pro tip: our guide to the butt plugs you need in your sex toy stash has plenty of suggestions for experimenting with size and temperature.
  • Clean up, store properly and enjoy. Knowing how to use an anal plug the right way includes cleaning and storing it properly. Clean your plug immediately with hot water and antibacterial soap. Dry it thoroughly, then store it with your other clean sex toys. Your anal plug will be all ready to go for the next time you want to have some mind-blowing fun.

It’s one thing to read about how to use an anal plug, but the real fun is it actually doing it. Shop our extensive selection of anal plugs to find your next favorite toy. Cupid’s Box offers the best sex toys for sale online.