How to Use a Penis Pump

how to use a penis pump

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Whether you want some help with your bedroom stamina or just want to experience a pleasurable new adventure, knowing how to use a penis pump pays off. Read our guide to learn more about choosing the right penis pump for you:

Talk to your doctor first. If your motivation for learning how to use a penis pump is to treat erectile dysfunction, you should discuss your other options with a medical professional. Your doctor will tell you whether it’s safe for you to pump based on your medical history.

A safe, effective penis pump meets a few crucial conditions:

  1. Choose a clear pump so you can see what’s happening, which is crucial for learning how to use the pump the right way.
  2. Pumps with a vacuum limiter automatically limit the amount of pressure you apply. Alternatively, pumps with a pressure gauge let you know exactly how much pressure you’re applying to your penis with the pump. Either way, your pump should also come with a quick-release valve for safety.
  3. Learn how to use a penis pump with a pump that fits. Measure your penis when it’s flaccid and when it’s fully erect to get the best indication of your pump size.
  4. Use comfort pad or sleeve to avoid discomfort or bruising.

Start out with pumping sessions no more than 15 minutes in length, two to three times a week. If you’re pumping for pleasure or size, pump again only after your penis has stopped expanding.

Pumping should feel good! If you notice any pain, discoloration or other symptoms, stop pumping and see your doctor.

Learning how to use a penis pump so you can maintain an erection? Just pump right before sex, then use a cock ring to maintain your erection (take the ring off after 20 minutes for safety).

If you’re patient learning how to use your penis pump, you’ll reap serious dividends. Browse our selection of penis pumps to find your perfect fit. Cupid’s Box sells a variety of sex toys at the best price, view our full selection today.