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How to Set the Mood for Sex Toy Fun in Your Busy Life

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With how busy you are, it’s easy to dismiss or hold off on sexual pleasure. Intimate time with your partner, or just with yourself, is vital. Despite how busy you are, it’s important to set some time aside to indulge in yourself and in your partner. Here are a few tips on how you can set the mood for sex toy fun even when you’re busy.

1. Relax Together First

If you’re planning on playing with sex toys with a partner, then it’s important that you relax together first. Unwinding is a vital first step towards having fun. Leave work at the door when you first come home. Instead, focus on your partner and the joy you feel when being with them.

For those who plan on playing solo, it’s also vital to relax beforehand. This might include taking a luxuriating bath filled with bubbles. It may mean reading a good book with some tea or wine. However you relax, you need to do that before you even step foot inside of the bedroom.

2. Foreplay

As with any sexual activity, foreplay is the most important aspect of sex. For those with partners, foreplay might mean kissing, setting a scene, lighting a few candles, dancing, or just intimate touching. Whatever your favorite kind of foreplay is, you should engage in it before you break out the sex toys.

For solo players, foreplay might mean watching something stimulating. Or you may need to tease and touch yourself. However you start to arouse yourself, you should spend extra time preparing yourself for the fun about to head your way.

3. Introduce the Toys

If you have a favorite toy in mind, you should opt to use that one. Because of your busy schedule, it’s important to indulge in your favorite things and not waste time with the toys that don’t do much for you. This might mean needing to invest in new toys and experimenting with them to see if you have a new favorite. After a good amount of foreplay, your partner can bring out your favorite sex toy or toys. Together, you can start to play and really have fun.

Once you’re feeling ready and worked up, if you’re alone, it’s also time to pull out the toy or toys. Your focus should be on your own pleasure and truly allowing yourself to crest and hold back and then crest again until you can no longer hold back.

Make Time

Busy schedules require you to make time for fun. Try these tips for a successful night.