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How can we spice up our sex life with items lying around the house?

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Has your love life become boring and repetitive? Are you interested in excitement and experimentation, but you’re not sure where to start? If you’re looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom, you can add a little variety using the ordinary, everyday items you have lying around! Consider using things like candles, ties/scarves, ice cubes, oils/lotions, and even your wardrobe.

But, wait; how can these things be used to raise the temperature on the sexy scale? Great question! Let’s talk about how these everyday items equal steamy fun:


If you want to talk about getting hotter, nothing heats things up like a candlelit atmosphere. Candles are great for two reasons. The first and most apparent, candles can help set the mood for a night of passion. Secondly, candles are great for a tiny bit of pleasurable pain; try dripping a small amount of hot wax onto your partner for a little something different! Just be sure to set a safe environment where the candles are not close to anything flammable.


Do you have a collection of ties or scarves that may or may not see the light of day? These items are perfect for sexy time! Use them to create some mystery; blindfold your partner for an intense feeling of heightened body sensitivity. Or, use them as a silky restraint for some sexy vulnerability.

Ice Cubes

Intimate encounters are about making things hotter, but believe it or not; it’s good to get cold now and then! Try rubbing an ice cube on various parts of your partner’s body and watch their reaction as the wet chill stimulates and tantalizes. Or, try whipped cream, honey, or chocolate syrup as a sweet, cool body topping, delicious!


Oils and lotions are the perfect addition to a love-making session. Take turns with your partner performing an erotic massage and ride high on surging waves of ecstasy. As an added benefit, an erotic massage is good for more than orgasm; it also promotes wellness and reduces stress levels!


Do you have a closet filled with things you never wear? A collection of wigs, lingerie, or stilettos, perhaps? Regardless as to whether you’re “hot for teacher” or grabbing a quote with “Jake from you-know-where,” a little role play can really spice things up. Try being someone new for a night and see what happens!

Other Items

If you’d like to push things a little further, consider visiting an adult sex shop. These shops specialize in erotic fun and fantasy, and you can browse an extensive selection of adult sex toys for couples. From vibrators and dildos, various restraints, sexy games, and even costumes, a sex toy shop has almost anything you could need to enhance your sex life.