3 Toys That Make Bedroom Roleplay Scenes Even Hotter

You’ve probably heard it said that the biggest erogenous zone in your body is between your ears. There’s nothing hotter than what appeals to your mind’s deepest desires, fantasies and imaginings — which is why roleplay so easily makes hot sex even hotter. Although roleplay requires only your imagination and some suspension of disbelief, introducing […]

Exploring 5 of the Most Common Fetishes

fetish sex

Do you have a sexual fetish? Even if you’re shaking your head, fetishes are more common than you think, and can involve just about any object or activity you can imagine. Often, the words kink and fetish are used interchangeably, but they mean distinctly different things. If someone has a fetish, that means that they […]

Massage Candles, a Different Approach to Foreplay

sex candles

Kissing, touching, squeezing loving and maybe even a hot oil massage. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may be wondering how to add a little spice in your sex life. A recent trend piquing the interest of couples everywhere is the Tahitian Sandalwood Massage Candle. This candle stimulates 3 of our 5 senses: sight, […]

Introducing Anal Toys in the Bedroom

introducing anal toys

Anal is an activity that only the bravest and most adventurous couples explore. It requires a great deal of patience and preparation. For couples who are thinking of introducing anal toys into the bedroom, here a few tips to consider. Lubrication Even if one uses sex toys in the bedroom, they’re going to need lubrication. […]