How to Have Satisfying Sex in the Age of Social Distancing

sex social distancing

If you’re currently single, or not living with your partner, social distancing has probably put a damper on your sex life. And there’s still so much uncertainty around our current circumstances that depending on where you live, limiting your contact with other people might become your reality for a while. That’s the bad news. But […]

How Masturbating Can Make You Happy

We all know how happy sex and masturbating can make us, but most of us don’t know the chemical effect it has on our brain. Let’s briefly break down how masturbation can make us happy and relieve stress! The Act Of Masturbating Releases Endorphins Endorphins are natural chemicals produced by our nervous systems, primarily to […]

How Eating Watermelon Can Help Your Erections

erections watermelon

Whether your’e having trouble getting it up, having issues keeping it up, or just looking to increase the ‘power’ of your erections, watermelon can be a simple, sweet solution! When having sexual performance issues, men tend to ‘prematurely’ panic and rush to the doctor in seek of that little blue pill. But for some, the […]