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Bedroom Roleplay Scenes That Toys Make Even Hotter

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Although your sex life might be quite steamy already, there are always ways that you can add more spice. One way is by roleplaying scenes that involve sex toys. From vibrators to rings, there is an assortment of toys available whether you like to give or receive pleasure. Here are a few scenes to consider the next time you want to enhance the sexual experience with your partner.

Work It Out

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, then you could roleplay a boss and employee. One person could dress in a sexy suit to portray the boss while the other wears jeans, a shirt, or other clothing that an employee might wear while on the job. This is a scene that is good to try if you’ve never taken part in roleplaying as the outfits are usually pretty simple. Toys that can be used include a vibrator so that the female experiences an abundance of pleasure or a cock ring that vibrates.

Medical Personnel

Explore your partner’s body in this detailed roleplay scene. One person can wear a nurse’s outfit or scrubs to portray a doctor while the other is the patient. This is where it can get interesting as you can pretend that your patient is afflicted with almost any kind of medical condition that needs to be thoroughly examined from head to toe. A stethoscope, feathers, and similar items can be used in this scene. Wands are good to have on hand in this scene as well as they can be used to poke and prod areas of the body that need to be examined.


If you have a favorite movie, television, or book character, don’t be afraid to showcase that person in the bedroom. Dress up as that character and live the life you’ve always wanted to live in a sexy way in the bedroom. Take a scene from the character’s roles to play out in the bedroom, such as being a mistress or getting caught entering a classroom in school. Props can be used to bring your character to life while also bringing out your sexy nature, such as a wand if you’re going to be a magician or even a set of sex dice with different positions and toys on them that you can use with your character.


One person can hide in the bedroom while the other dresses in sexy black attire, acting as a secret agent. You have personal information that needs to be revealed, but your partner needs to use different sex toys, such as Dildos or Cock Rings, in order to get you to talk. This is a scene that could involve a few toys that are beyond the basics, such as a sex ramp that’s placed under your back cuffs that are placed on the door jams or the bed that offer bondage.