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A Couple’s Guide To Introducing Vibrators

A Couple’s Guide To Introducing Vibrators

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Surely you already know about the wonders of pleasure products. Your partner is interested in using sex toys during sex, for reasons you can understand. It makes sense.

Partnered sex can be enhanced by the inclusion of sex toys.

Many people can benefit from more consistent and frequent – or intense and rich – orgasmic experiences with these novel sensations. As a result, couples can keep their sexual experiences varied and interesting, which seems to help them maintain desire over the long run.

Doubts About Using Vibrators With Partners

Many hesitations come from the belief that toys are for solo play, whereas sex is about meeting each other’s needs with only their bodies.

It does not have to be daunting or difficult to discuss sex toys with partners.

While you’re exploring your way to using sex toys or considering a vibrator with your partner, visit Cupid’s Box.

Tips on Introducing Vibrators to Your Partner

  • Consider the timing

Bringing up the topic of toys  early on may be too soon, even though there is no “right time.” Instead, wait until the two of you have developed a sense of trust and communication.

  • No pressure

Don’t push your other half if they aren’t interested. Your relationship needs to be comfortable when introducing sex toys. Let’s move on to other bedroom experiments for now and leave the subject alone. In time, your partner may warm up to the idea of sex toys as they become more comfortable with different sensations and experiences.

  • Don’t criticize or apologize

However you initiate the conversation, try not to tie your interest in toys to any criticism or frustration you have with your sex right now. Then your partner may hold underlying insecurities.

Do not apologize or avoid your desires either, as those actions can build up anxiety and tension on both sides. Consider sex toys to be one of many fascinating things you can try together to enhance your sex life, to enable both new and satisfying experiences. Generally speaking, most of us want our partners to enjoy sex, so we will seek out different forms of pleasure together.

  • Have fun with it

Sometimes, inevitably, your experiments will not work out, so be willing to laugh at the toy and yourself. Buying toys isn’t cheap, so that can be frustrating.

With a little searching, however, you can find functional, body-safe toys that can be shared with a partner while providing you with hours of exploration.

It’s all part of the journey you’re taking with your partner, even when things don’t go smoothly or as expected; it can also help you grow closer to each other.

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