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5 Tips For Worry Free Travel With A Sex Toy

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Packing a sex toy for your next trip? You’re not alone: a study conducted by a British lingerie retailer in 2016 found that over half of all women travel with sex toys. And for good reason, too! 

Vacations, whether they’re quick weekend getaways or extended retreats, are a space we create for ourselves to forget the daily grind and loosen up our inhibitions for a little while, and sex toys are a perfect accompaniment. They’re an excellent way to explore new fantasies and instantly shake up your sex life if you’ve been in a rut. And if you’re traveling for business, well, a good rabbit vibrator or prostate massager is a failsafe way to make sure you’re never bored back in your hotel room.

Of course, traveling with sex toys also causes some understandable nervousness. Not many of us want our suitcase to start vibrating in the middle of airport security, or worse (in our opinion) run out of battery once we get to our destination. Thankfully, the benefits of traveling with sex toys far outweighs the worries with a few savvy precautions.

1. Think fun-size, not downsize.

Vacations are an opportunity for some much-deserved me time. To really get your money’s worth, you might be tempted to bring the most powerful toy in your arsenal while you’re packing up for your big trip. But do you really want to lug around that hefty, outlet-powered wand on vacation? 

A big sex toy on a trip is like a Russian novel: good to bring in theory, but once you’re in paradise, all you want is a light beach read. Bring the sex toy equivalent of a breezy book with you instead, in the form of a discreet vibrator like the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. Bonus: you can carry these smaller toys in a purse or pocket, in case the mood strikes outside of the hotel room.

2. “What’s that buzzing noise?”

Having a vibe go off unexpectedly in your bag while you sit in the airport waiting lounge, taxi or train car is certainly an embarrassing experience for some travelers. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways around this problem. 

If your toy is battery-operated, simply carry the batteries separately. If it’s a rechargeable toy, you might want to let the charge run out just to be safe. However, if you tend to be the impatient type, you’re in luck: some rechargeable vibes, like the Happy Rabbit, have a built-in travel lock feature that prevents accidental activation.

3. If you’re checking your bag, weigh your options.

Nobody likes the idea of strangers going through their luggage, especially if that luggage happens to hold a couple of dildos. However, storing your toys in checked luggage has its advantages, especially if you’re bringing along more than one. You’ll reduce the size of your carry-on, for starters, and also avoid the sweaty-palms scenario of getting your bag scanned in the airport security line. If checking your toys is the more practical option but you’re nervous about what will happen to them in the interim, take the sex-education-pro route and leave a friendly note stating that yes, those are your sex toys, and not a security threat.

A word to the wise: Some countries have regulations on whether or not travelers can bring in sex toys, so do your research beforehand if you’re traveling internationally. Not having your toys on hand during a trip might put a damper on things, but so will incurring a hefty fine!

4. If you carry on, keep calm.

Going through airport security is easily the thorniest situation you’ll encounter while traveling with a sex toy. You’ve probably heard plenty of cringe-inducing stories, some of them unfortunately real, like the recent case of a Berlin airport that shut down due to a sex toy-filled suitcase. If similar scenarios are weighing on your imagination, relax. With a little preparation and some confidence, airport security will be a breeze.

To avoid embarrassment with the TSA, first do what you can to follow the rules. That means, for example, if you’re bringing some lube to accompany your vibrator in a carry-on bag, it should be in a 3 oz. (“travel size”) container. Similarly, TSA regulations require travelers to carry-on all lithium batteries, so even if your vibrating best friend will travel in your checked luggage, stash their batteries in your carry-on bag. Finally, it will help if you play it cool while going through security, as an agent is more likely to search your bag if you seem nervous or shifty. 

In the event that your bag is searched in the security line, don’t panic. For starters, you’re probably not the first traveler with a sex toy the agent has encountered, and as long as you’re polite and honest about what’s in your bag, the more likely it is that they’ll shrug and let you through without further incident. You can also do the extra courtesy of putting your toy in a separate plastic bag. 

In the unlikely event that your toy is confiscated, you always have the option to file a complaint. But if paperwork isn’t your style, we recommend researching your destination’s top-rated sex toy boutiques beforehand – you know, just in case.

5. Bring extras.

No, we don’t mean extra toys, unless you plan to lock yourself in your hotel room for a week with a suitcase full of vibrators (and we wouldn’t judge you if you did!). We’re talking good old, boring back-up supplies so that your fun and pleasure are interrupted as little as possible. 

If your toy is USB-rechargeable, bring an extra charger. If it’s battery-powered, bring a spare set so you can avoid the potential awkwardness of asking your hotel concierge for a pack of AAs at 2 AM. Cleaning supplies, too, are a must-have (unless you really want to clean your toys with hotel soap). And don’t forget all the goods that make partnered sex safer and more enjoyable, like extra packets of lube and condoms.

You don’t have to wait for your next vacation to have some uninhibited fun with a new sex toy. Explore our full collection of toys on the Cupid’s Box site. There’s something for everyone!