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5 Questions You Might Be Afraid To Ask About Your Sex Toy

5 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Your Sex Toy

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Shopping for a sex toy can feel overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. If you are curious about sex toys and recently made your first purchase, you may still be learning the specifics surrounding these devices. Commonly asked questions are a vital part of using your new toy and caring for it properly. When it comes to sex toys you must know what to do with them for the best experience.

1. How Do I Clean My Sex Toy?

After you use your sex toy, you want to make sure you clean it and store it properly. The best way to clean them is to use sex toy cleaners that are safe for them. Some materials are safe to wash with warm water and a cleaner depending on the materials. Once they are washed, dry them off well, leaving behind no water or moisture, and then put them away until next time.

It’s important to clean them after every single use and to keep them in a clean area where they are not exposed to dust or moisture. Proper cleaning will extend the life of your toy and keep you safe before and after every use.

2. Can I Use My Toy With A Partner?

Some toys, like our couples toys selection, are meant to be used with a partner. If you would like to share your toy with your partner, you need to ensure that it is clean and that you are still cleaning it between uses. You can explore different toys and find new ones to add to your collection. Keep in mind that if you haven’t used a toy together before, you should discuss the use and make sure all parties are comfortable with the toys being used.

3. Is Lube Required To Use My Toy?

You may find it more comfortable to use lube on your toys, especially in the beginning, until you get used to them and how they feel. You do not need to coat it; however, just add a little until you find an amount that is most comfortable for you. Too much lube could cause a mess so start small and go from there. Make sure you are buying and pairing the right types of lubes with your toys. Some lubes can cause friction or degrade certain materials when paired incorrectly. There are plenty of more natural or water-based options to choose from. Make sure you read the package of your toys and lubes to ensure they are safe to use together.

4. How Much Should I Invest In My Toy?

When you purchase a toy, you want to first think about the quality and if the toy you are getting will be safe and comfortable. Not all sex toys are made the same. It is okay to spend a little on something that has great reviews and a warranty to last for an extended period. The more you plan to use it, the more you can invest in the toy. You can always start small and simple with a toy that interests you but isn’t too expensive. If you are looking for something to get your money’s worth, Cupid’s Box has a great selection of affordable toys with a lasting lifespan.

5. Can My Toy Travel With Me?

If you plan to vacation or travel soon, you can take your toys with you. They must be secured first in your luggage and away from anything that can make them wet. It is best to store them in your checked luggage, in their travel bag, and secured between your clothes, so they do not break or get bumped around.

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