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3 Toys That Make Bedroom Roleplay Scenes Even Hotter

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You’ve probably heard it said that the biggest erogenous zone in your body is between your ears. There’s nothing hotter than what appeals to your mind’s deepest desires, fantasies and imaginings — which is why roleplay so easily makes hot sex even hotter.

Although roleplay requires only your imagination and some suspension of disbelief, introducing sex toys to your roleplay scenarios makes it that much easier to slip into character and lose your inhibitions. We’ve put together a guide to three sex toys that are guaranteed to take your roleplay to the next level.


When it comes to roleplay, blindfolds give you major bang for your buck.

Blindfolds are one of the most versatile, yet inexpensive and low-maintenance sex toys. Additionally, they can level up your roleplay scenarios from “exciting” to “mind-blowing.”

Blindfolds are also perfect for roleplay novices who need a little help easing into a scene. Most of us who are new to roleplay feel nervous or awkward, or have trouble suspending disbelief at first. Donning a blindfold lets your imagination take over, making it much more believable that you really are having an encounter with a hot stranger, stern authority figure or dangerous-yet-irresistible kidnapper.

In a pinch, you can make a blindfold out of any scarf or tie you have lying around. But, investing in a just-for-sex silk eyemask or leather blind can really help you get in the perfect headspace for roleplay.


Handcuffs are a must-have in any toy lover’s stash, especially if you love roleplay.

While we’re fans of any type of wrist restraints, handcuffs are the most versatile and realistic. You can play as a motorist who’ll do anything to get out of a ticket, the subject of a lengthy interrogation or the prisoner of a sadistic tyrant, and handcuffs will make the scene that much more believable.

Handcuffs also fit into gentler scenarios, too, like pretending to have an illicit affair with a lover whose tastes are far naughtier and more satisfying than you’ve experienced before.

If you try handcuffs and find that they’re not for you, explore other types of wrist restraints like leather shackles or silky sashes. These restraints are softer, but offer the same submissive pleasures as handcuffs.


Like any other penetrative toy, strap-ons aren’t necessarily for role play. Their primary purpose is just to enable one partner to penetrate the other. They can be as vanilla as you please.

However, strap-on sex can definitely be incorporated into a role reversal or gender-swapping roleplay scenario.

If you’re not typically the penetrating partner, wielding a strap-on can give you an extra sense of power in a domination roleplay scenario. Or maybe one of you wants to explore playing with your identity and switch genders for the night.

Strap-ons are for everyone, but not something to be impulse-bought. Spend some time researching the right harness and dildo style and size for you and your partner. We also recommend practicing solo with your strap-on to get used to the new sensation of using it before you bring it into partnered sex. It’ll be worth it — trust us.

These are just a few of our favorite sex toys for roleplay. Let’s be realistic: the answer to “what’s the best sex toy for roleplay?” is “All of them!” Browse the rest of the toys on our site to explore the limitless possibilities that roleplay offers.